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Vintage Cool at This Year's Cannes

A Backward Glance That's so Fashion Forward!

Fashion addicts love a red carpet do and this years’ Cannes Film Festival is certainly delivering a daily dose of film star glamour and amazing fashion at its absolute finest.

An annual event showcasing not only film but world class fashion. Celebrated actors photographed incredible settings, the energy and atmosphere of glittering parties captured in images that delight film and fashion lovers all over the world.

At least that’s how it normally goes but this season is different. This year the most talked about dresses are vintage which is amazing news for lovers of vintage fashion – to see 80’s and 90’s fashion worn in a way that is totally modern and relevant is a joy to behold. It’s definitely not a case of resurrecting tired old frocks, these pieces look new, exciting and as if they were made to be worn right now. Needless to say, all of this applies to accessories & handbags.

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid has smashed the red carpet this week with two vintage Versace looks that have generated so much excitement. Both of these incredible dresses have hit the mark in a really interesting way, presenting exquisite fashion that is current and simultaneously, a departure from throwaway culture. When you look at the images you can’t help but think that dresses like that should be worn more than once.

These are undoubtedly museum pieces and there is an argument to say that they should be preserved in the same way that other historical artefacts are. Kim Kardashian came under fire this month after wearing Marylin Monroe’s famous ‘Happy Birthday’ dress for that very reason. That being said, it’s so important for fashion to be highlighting vintage fashion at a time when fashion needs to be finding sustainable solutions. We are now seeing vintage dresses used to full effect, making major statements, not just about sustainability but also about individuality.

In an age of Instagram it’s so easy for trends to look repetitive, vintage fashion really gives the wearer an individual slant on whatever look they’re going for with bags of added personality. It’s a backward look at fashion that shows us the way forward, what’s not to love!

Vintage Handbags

It's often much easier to communicate a look though accessories, using them to evoke an era or create a mood. Vintage Versace is currently on trend so a vintage Versace bag is an instant update. The perfect accessory is often a concentration of all the design elements that go into a brand's view of the season which means they are often very impactful, this is very true of Versace.

In keeping with the red carpet theme, beautiful silk Versace evening clutch, currently available at

Vintage Versace handbag below certainly packs a punch, currently available

Vintage Versace Clutch Wallet below, currently available at

With an almost matching vintage Versace suit, available at

Vintage really does provide limitless possibilities and and opportunity to enjoy fashion in a sustainable way, whilst looking totally unique, what's not to love?!


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