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Clutching at Fabulous Straws

The sun is shining and nothing says summer like a straw bag. Whether you’re into designer or vintage, it’s a great time to get your clutches into one of the season’s fabulous straw and raffia bags!

Sensi Studio from

Sensi Studio from

Straw and raffia have always been popular alternatives to leather for summer accessories. As materials they work well with linen & cotton for smart summer looks as well as they do for casual beach attire. They are versatile and are able to take colour in a way that other materials can’t, they're pliable which means they can be woven and crafted to make bags that are lightweight, durable and lots of fun.

From a sustainability point of view raffia and straw are great as both are natural products, although they are very different in both their origin & attributes. Straw is the dry stalk of cereal plants such as rice, rye, corn, oats & barley. Since it is a by-product of grain harvests, it is inexpensive & plentiful. Raffia grows around the world and can also be sustainably harvested which means that the plant isn’t harmed during harvesting and can continue to grow and produce.

Sensi Studio from

The bags pictured to the left and above are by Sensi Studio in beautiful bright colours available at The collection features tote bags that are dramatic as well as practical and pouch clutches that are just amazing.

Raffia and straw as materials are so versatile that its possible to ceate some amazing handbags for example Loewe Paula’s Ibiza showstopping fringed raffia tote below and Innes Bressand’s sculptural shapes both available at

Bag from

The brown checked paperstraw tote on the right is from for a high st alternative however, for a really sustainable way to shop summer straw looks, shop vintage. The bags in the images below are from, a great 70’s clutch that is very reminiscent of Bottega Veneta and a woven raffia hobo shape that is so of the moment.

The great thing about vintage shopping is that more often than not you can pick up items that are truly unique, well made and sustainable. Amazing bags that are planet friendly and wallet friendly. So, whether you choose to grab a Sensi Studio clutch or whether you buy vintage, there's a super straw out there for everyone!


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