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Bow Wow Wow!

GCDS Autumn/Winter 2022

The Bow.

Bows are as old as the hills, used in fashion to embellish and accessorise for centuries. Understandably so, they’re elegant, decadent and currently more prominent than ever with many designers featuring them in their collections.

The dress pictured from GCDS is a perfect example, the bow being an integral part of the dress.

Valentino Autumn/Winter 2022

Valentino, above used smaller bows to embellish, whilst at Jil Sander, below the bows were flatter using a more modern square shape.

Jil Sander Autumn/Winter 2022


The great thing about accessories is that they are perfect for exaggerated details and embellishments, allowing you to add drama to an outfit when you want it and take it away when you don’t. These dramatic bow sandals from Loewe being a great example.

Loewe Sandals from

The perfect bow below, in the form of a clutch bag, made to order from

Available from

Adding Drama

Handbags are a wonderful vehicle for trends, for this collection at a lot of care was taken to make sure that the bows were of a generous size, to create the right look. It was also really important for the bows to be functional where they needed to be, resulting in bags that are quite unique.

Shoulder detail from Bow Hobo bag from

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