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Get Into Green!

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

The coolest way to put a zing into your summer look is with the newest colour on the block, this season there are so many amazing handbags to help you get into green.

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Why green? Bold colours are a key trend this summer but of all the brights available right now, green whether its emerald or lime, is newer and more exciting than anything else. These particular shades of green, featured in Bottega Veneta's SS21 show have captured the imaginations of fashion editors and buyers alike. Whilst Bottega weren't the only luxury brand to show this colour, they are arguably the most influential and as a result green is visible in the collections of most retailers this season. As a relativley new colour trend, it makes for a sensible purchase as anything you buy now will last for more than one season.

Fashion accessories and handbags are a great way to introduce colour to your wardrobe at all price levels. The bags shown below from Bottega Veneta are the famous Pouch Bag, the Chain Pouch, the Jodie and the Cassette are all available from several retailers including Renting luxury fashion offers a wallet friendly alternative that is better for the environment. There are several rental websites to choose from, is a great place to start with rental prices for Bottega Veneta bags starting at £50.

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For high street shoppers Zara offers amazing value for money in terms of leather accessories, their selection of quality fashion forward products is impressive. Check out for the styles shown, and are also worth a look for this colour trend.

Fast fashion is problematic for many reasons so a more environmentally friendly option is vintage. Vintage shopping is brilliant because it provides the opportunity to put together catwalk trends in a unique way. If you're lucky, you can end up with amazing peices that are far superior in terms of style and quality to anything that you could buy new. The images shown are the result of a simple search on for a 'green bag' .

These bags fall into current trends but each of them have a little something extra. My favourite by far is is the clutch pictured below from the seventies because, its a clutch, the bag shape of the moment for day or evening. It's an unusual shape so whilst eveyone is carrying clutches no one else will have one shaped like this. Finally the edging detail gives a nod to the current knit/crochet trend and as a vintage bag, this bag is amazing, and all for £22.50!

Bag from

So, whether you're lucky enough to buy a Bottega clutch or whether you buy vintage, there's a lush green handbag out there for everyone!


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